Stu (denari) wrote,

Nana & Papas

Have been in Bristol for the last week or so visiting Mum & Dad with Skye & Sarah in tow. Has been the first time that we've all spent a significant amount of time together I think. It's been hard work as Sarah has hurt her foot and been ill for a large part of it, but has also been great spending a lot of time with Skye and my parents. Is interesting seeing how she acts in a different environment when the odds are stacked against her and it's not a 1 on 1 situation.
We've gone to the park, shopping in Bristol and went to Bath. Nothing hugely exciting, but is nice to walk about and wander with no particular purpose.
This week has seen the creation of "Sammy Spider" who is actually my own right hand who scurries around like "Thing" from the Adams family. Skye loves Sammy and doesn't stop asking where he is. She gives him hugs and kisses. I'm not sure if Sammy is a good thing or a bad thing yet. On one hand she'll do things with Sammy that she won't do with me, so it gives me a second chance. For example:
"Do you want to go to the toilet?"
"No, want to go with mummy"
"How about with Sammy spider?"
"yes, love sammy spider!"
On the other hand it does get a bit tiresome with her asking about her all the time.

She's been really well behaved today though, is going to be hard when I go back to london and not living with her again.

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