Stu (denari) wrote,

Easter weekend

Had Skye for some of easter and had a great time. On sunday Sarah came round and cooked some dinner and I managed to get Skye sat up at the table as we were having an easter meal together. Bites of food were interpersed with clinking of glasses and “Cheers” and “Happy easter”. Literally every bite :)

When I put her to bed she told me that I’d just be downstairs and I had to turn the TV back on to watch it. Doesn’t miss a beat that one.

On Sunday I got a bit of a lie in which was nice, she got up around 11AM. I had to wake her too and she stretched and yawned saying

“I slept all day as was really tired”. Awwww.

Watched WALL-E (AGAIN) and some of finding Nemo. I left her in the study watching Nemo while I did some chores in the kitchen, but I’d forgotten the start of Nemo is pretty scary so had to go back and give her huggles.

In the afternoon we went to the funfair at Alexandra Palace (which amusingly she called Alice’s house) and went on the trampolines & on a pedalo with baby Ben & baby Freya. They seemed to have a good time :) Wasn’t impressed by leaving though.

Had thai takeaway and got her to try some hot & sour soup which she liked and some chicken too.

Skye on from stuart alexander on Vimeo.

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